Cloaker Buzz Tutorial


Let's say for example that you have a ClickBank affiliate link that you want to cloak:


I hear you saying, "But ClickBank has already cloaked their link for me. My hop name doesn't show at all. So why would I need Cloaker Buzz?"

This is true. Your hop name doesn't show in the affiliate link. BUT that's not good enough! (1) Their "cloaked" link (a) shows everyone that it's an affiliate link - not good. (2) The link itself is ugly-looking. (3) After clicking the link, your hop name is clearly shown in the Address Bar of the destination website, like this:



  1. First, you must choose between the Simple Cloak and the Advanced Cloak. The form you fill out is identical for both types, and both types use ASCII Code to obscure the javascript in the cloaked page. The important difference is that the Simple Cloak only obscures part of the file, and it uses frames for that part. Most affiliate programs do not allow the use of frames, so ALWAYS use the Advanced Cloak.

  2. In the first box, enter the affiliate link you would like to cloak, like (a) above.

  3. In the second box, enter the URL of the destination page you actually want to reach. In our example:
  4. Click 'Create Page' and save your cloaked page, using whatever file name you want your cloaked link to have, for example:
         (d) CantLose.htm
  5. Finally, upload the file to your server, so your cloaked URL is now:

How it works:

When someone clicks your cloaked link, three things happen, in this order:

  1. Your cloaked link is shown in the status bar.

  2. All the coding in the original affiliate link gets sent to the affiliate site, which then puts a cookie containing your affiliate information on the user's computer.

  3. The user is redirected to your chosen destination.

Note this important fact: The information needed by the affiliate site to give you credit for any sale actually gets to where it's supposed to go. And this happens before the user gets sent to your destination page - meaning that you can send him to whatever page you want.

Some suggestions for using advanced cloak:

There are many other ways which I'm sure you can think of. Just be creative and I assure you this tool will do wonders for your affiliate campaigns!