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November 21, 2014

Let’s get this out of the way first: FeedBurner is neither a script nor a plugin. But it is usually accessed with a plugin, and it uses its scripts to provide a whole shopping list of services for you to choose from.

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In order to use it, you must have an RSS feed. If you are using a blogging platform such as WordPress, this is not a problem, since a feed is published automatically. You can use a plugin such as FD Feedburner, which automatically redirects your feed to

FeedBurner Analyze

This is the statistical service, which provides a detailed view of your feed’s audience. This is not just the usual visitor and pages visited details, but information usually not available elsewhere, such as “percentage inbound traffic from search and the specific queries that drove the traffic”. And the data is presented using tables, graphs, and maps.

FeedBurner Optimize

These services spruce up your feed.

  • BrowserFriendly: Without this service, your feed looks exactly the same as if it were not on FeedBurner – pretty dull, eh? When you activate it, your visitors are presented with feed subscription options. And the feed looks more like a real webpage.

  • SmartFeed changes your feed to whatever format is compatible with the visitor’s feed reader.

  • FeedFlare adds a footer at the bottom of each feed item, which can include any of a large list of services, such as ‘Email This’, ‘Share on Facebook’, ‘Stumble It!’

FeedBurner Publicize

This section has many services to help you attract subscribers to your RSS feed. Some working examples are shown below. They are all links, so click on them to see what happens!

The title of this post says it best – You Shouldn’t Be Without It! So go get it now. It belongs to Google, so you can just go to your Google account, and sign up there. A quick way to do this is to go to, and it will redirect you to your Google sign-in page.

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