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July 14, 2014

Almost five years ago, I joined a program called Article Video Robot, and made a video from one of my Ezine Articles on losing weight. I posted it on YouTube, but was almost embarassed to promote it, since it was rather ugly. I also used my own voice to read the article, which was not pretty either.

Try the Article Video Robot online script Now for Free!

Recently, I got an email from AVR announcing the release of a brand new program: the “one click video maker”. I decided to try it out, and they were right – it was much, much better than the old version. Not only was the quality of the video improved, but I had the ability to use a text to speech converter with a choice of voices.

Here are some of the features available with the New Article Video Robot:

  • Converts any text article into a video in just one click.
  • Six video styles to choose from.
  • Automatically submit your video to many social sites, such as YouTube and Facebook.
  • Create your video on any mobile phone or pad.
  • Put yourself in the video, with a personal introduction.
  • Get suggestions to optimize your video for the search engines.
  • Choose one of 7 natural-sounding human voices for the voice-over narration.
  • Call-to-action software can add insert buttons during your video for capturing leads.

Best of all, you can try the New Article Video Robot for free right now – no credit card needed. See how easy it is to instantly make a video from your printed words.

Warning: your experiment will be limited to 30 seconds, and it will have an advertisement for the script at the end. So it won’t be very useful. But it will show you the power of the software that is available to you for a fee which is quite reasonable. ( If you make all the videos to which you’re entitled, it will cost you less than 50 cents per video! )

Click on the banner, watch videos other people have made with this software, and give it a try yourself!

Article Video Robot online script

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